Visa Process

Clear, Simplified and Transparent​

100% Streamlined Visa Process.

With Aliro, your visa process is fully streamlined and simplified.

see each stage and status of your visa application process on our innovative platform.

Easy Document Collection

Our user-friendly document collection system streamlines the process of collecting required documents by providing clear instructions and updating you on the status of each document. With our system, document collection becomes a hassle-free experience.

Pay-Per-Milestone Contract

In Aliro you have the option to pay in milestone-based-settlements. Pay for the next milestone when you agree to start it.​

The milestones will all be outlined in your contract.

Smooth Communication​

Communicate with your Immigration Professional and Alrio through call, chat and video via interactive communication channels. Stay updated on your visa application status with automatic and real-time updates.​

Full support! ​

You will be fully guided and supported by both your chosen Immigration Professional and Aliro's Support Team.​

A Fully Protected Visa Process

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All immigration professionals on Aliro's marketplace comply with our Service Quality Standards which ensure a high level of reliability, fairness and transparency.

Full support by Aliro throughout your visa process. We are here to accompany you through any issues or questions that you may experience during your visa process.

Free Consultation

Consult with up to 2 of your chosen immigration professionals for free!

Clear Visa Application For Everyone

Streamlined Visa Process

Applying for your visa with Aliro means that you will have full access to our online interactive platform where your entire visa application process will be digitalized and streamlined. This will include:

  1. Your consultation(s)
  2. Your contract
  3. All milestones and payment per milestone
  4. Document status
  5. Communication with Immigration Professionals
  6. Visa application status
  7. Visa application response

On your personal dashboard, you will see the status of each stage of your visa application, the timeline of your individual visa application and your current progress.

The Pay Per Milestone Contract is a contract in which the payments due are split into milestones at each stage of your visa application process. The contract outlines the fact that you will only need to pay at the beginning of each new milestone when both you and your immigration professional agree to start the next stage.


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