a system for 

Easy File Managment System

Managing visa applications and navigating the immigration process has never been easier.

Documents Collection Made Easy

Instantly load & request document lists according to the applied visa. Documents statuses are changed automatically whenever you or your client make a change, and the notification system takes care of

Automated Retainer Agreement

Stop wasting hours articulating the retainer agreement for each client. Instantly load retainer agreement templates that are tailored to the subject client. The agreement outlines the visa type, terms, conditions, and milestones.

Milestones are outlined in the retainer agreements.

Smooth client communication

File management is a tedious task without smooth communication with the client. Remove all the hassle tied to client communication through a condition-based chat and a notification system.

Provide Comperhensive Immigration Services

Aliro offers a comprehensive range of immigration services that enable you to provide your clients with all the essential information and support they need in one convenient platform.

Keep the Immigraiton Process Simple

Divide the entire immigration process into easily digestible milestones for the client. The milestones are then outlined in the contract, and payment can be split per milestone-based settlements.

Easy File Managment System

Here are the benefits in a brief:

 – Built-in assessment questionnaire

– Accurate visa qualification results

– Simple documents dashboard for requesting, updating, and signature

– Milestones based payments system

– Automatic retainer agreement & signature

– Seamless client communication

All prospects in Aliro have finished our Assessment questionnaire.
The assessment is a long-form form gathering of all the parameters required for the visa programs.

Next, our algorithm calculates the prospect’s visa chances for each program.

As an Immigration Agency, you will be able to pick pass all your leads / prospects through this questionnaire within the model you choose.

Yes, You can use Aliro’s platform with the full branding of your company.

Aliro includes more services to make sure you can offer a full immigration eco-system:

– Online IELTS Prep course 

– Academic consulting 

– Job placement services 

– More to come

As a person looking to immigrate, Aliro is free to you.

You can read honest ranks and reviews of immigration agencies with no limitations.

Whoever Immigration agencies wish to integrate Aliro to improve their services have to pay.

The fees depend on the customizations you’ll need and the scale of your operations.

Just head to the top of this page and Schedule a Demo.

Thierry Bahuch, our Chief Legal Officer, will be interviewing you, and showing you the system, and after a prospecting process, we will let you know if you are invited to join Aliro as a licensed professional.

Please email the request to:

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Naming your agency, website, and any more helpful information.