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Immigration is a force for good in the world.

Modernizing the immigration system is key to making progress and improving the world.

Aliro is a safe & efficient ecosystem for global human passage & settlement between countries. We aspire to transform the immigration journey into an experience that is not so intimidating.

Aliro was created by immigrants, for immigrants.
We understand the fears & hopes you experience before, during & after your immigration process.
Aliro is made by creative individuals, driven by a deep urge to make a positive impact on the world. We have a deep understanding of the immigrant experience, of the immigration bureaucracy and of the technological tools that can improve both. These three knowledge bases are the foundation of the Aliro project.
Aliro is a platform meant to improve the lot of all stakeholders in the immigration process: immigrants, service providers and the societies that welcome and benefit from immigration.

We love to hear from our users and prospective users. Let us know about the obstacles you face and the solutions you want to see.

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the team

Peter Ahcin

Peter Ahcin


Gabriel Froymovich

Gabriel Froymovich


Maor Raichman CMO at Aliro Immigration

Maor Raichman


Thierry Bauch

Thierry Bahuch

Chief Legal Officer

Lior Noyman

Lior Noyman

Videographer & Creative

Pranjal Parkash

VP Produdct

Jenny Carroll

Jenny Carroll


Sheena Diamante - Customer support

Sheena Diamante


Sher Tapang - Clients Relationship Manager

Sher Tapang

Clients Relationship

Fracno Capristo - Writer & Researcher

Franco Capristo

Writer & Reseacher

Aliro Immigration - The New Way to Get a Visa

one to come

Awesome Person

Aliro Immigration - The New Way to Get a Visa

one to come

Awesome Person​