Immigration Agencies Ranking Protocol

Immigration Agencies

Ranking Protocol

Designed to objectively assess immigration service providers based on various vital factors. 

Supporting Good Actors

Exposing Bad Actors


Preliminary Customer
Data Collection

Aliro authenticates customer experience data reliably such as reviews and more


In-depth Processes

Investigating the agency’s internal processes and approach toward customers


Compliance &
Professional Standards

Checking the compliance with legal process & government requirements

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Your Immigration Journey,
Our Answers.

Aliro is a platform for a simple and transparent global immigration process.

We start by revealing your best global immigration pathways (currently only Canada & Australia) through the Global Assessment.

After discovering your immigration pathways in your preferred countries, you can access our marketplace and select your favorite consultant or lawyer to get a highly discounted consultation.

All the lawyers & consultants in Aliro’s marketplace are fully committed to working within Aliro’s Service Quality Standards and zealously representing their clients in the visa application process.

Aliro doesn’t provide immigration services by it self by now. 

We will refer you to trusted immigration agencies who are highly recommended by us, according to our ranking system. 

Aliro currently focuses on immigration to Canada. While Australia is in beta. We are continuously expanding our services, and the USA and UK will also be available soon.

We employ a comprehensive ranking protocol that evaluates immigration agencies based on Visa Procedure Quality, Verifying Consultants, and Real Customer Experience. We assess factors such as eligibility % for the applied visa, document processing quality, consultant expertise, and authentic customer reviews & interactions.

We ensure that each agency has been checked ‘under a microscope’ to reveal its standards so you can choose with whom to immigrate within a quiet head.

As a person looking to immigrate, Aliro is free to you.

You can read honest ranks and reviews of immigration agencies with no limitations.

Whoever Immigration agencies wish to integrate Aliro to improve their services have to pay.

End-to-End Solutions:

    • Aliro supports agencies with comprehensive solutions, optimizing visa procedures and enhancing prospect qualification & document processing quality.


Platform Integration:

    • Partnering with Aliro gives agencies exposure on a dedicated platform, reaching a broader audience seeking reliable immigration services.


Licensed Immigration Professionals Services:

    • Aliro connects immigration agencies with licensed immigration professionals at competitive prices, allowing agencies to highlight their legitimacy and commitment.


Streamlined Visa Process:

    • Aliro ensures agencies on its platform offer fully streamlined visa processes, simplifying the immigration journey for clients.


Enhanced Visibility:

    • Aliro boosts agency visibility, attracting potential clients looking for top-ranking and reliable immigration service.



      • Aliro ranks agencies based on excellence in Visa Procedure Quality, Consultant Verification, and Real Customer Experience, providing increased visibility.
      • Although our ranking is a free service, you can ask yourself to review your immigration agency.
    • providers.

The Global Assessment is a questionnaire that provides you and your immigration consultant an estimate of your chances of success immigrating to each country through each potential visa pathway. Results are calculated and presented tou you instantly.

You can find the Free Global Assessment here


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