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We will support you in finding an academic course or program at an academic institution of your choice, and help you get the acceptance letter that you need to get your student visa.

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Answer a ~7 minutes academic consultation questionnaire and we will be back to you with a list of academic institutes you can get accepted to

Academic Consultation Program

After answering a short questionnaire (approx 7 minutes), we will contact you in 2-3 business days with a list of academic institutes that suit your preferences, qualifications and eligibility. We will then invite you to a personal meeting with our Academic Consultant to go through your results and discuss the next steps on the journey to obtaining your student visa.

You will receive your results 2-3 business days after completing the questionnaire. You will also receive an invitation to schedule a meeting with our Academic Consultant.

A service provider which doesn’t meet the Service Reliability Standards after being listed to Aliro will be removed from our marketplace.

Yes. You will only be eligible for the Academic Consulting Program if the only missing parameter for your student visa is an acceptance letter from an academic institution. To discover your eligibility for the Academic Consulting Program, it is necessary to complete the Global Assessment before you can enroll.