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Aliro provides you with the visa pathways best suited to you, based on your Global Assessment answers.

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Study visas are one of the most popular ways to immigrate. Almost all you’ll need to be eligible for a student visa is an acceptance letter from an academic institution! ​

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Language Courses​

Pass your English language exams to get qualified for your visa! Our high-quality Language Course will improve your English proficiency and give you the language skills you need to be eligible for a visa.

Digital language courses to pass IELTS test

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Global Visa Pathways​

To discover the global visa pathways best suited to you in a range of immigration-friendly countries, first you will need to complete our Free Global Assessment. It only takes 10 minutes and you will receive your results immediately upon completion of the assessment.

Your Global Visa Pathways are the different visa options that you are eligible for in a range of immigration-friendly countries. These include Work, Study, Travel, Business, Entrepreneur and Family visas.

Our Global Assessment uses a polished algorithm that we have created to generate your personal Global Visa Pathways. The algorithm uses your Global Assessment answers to match your personal profile with the official visa requirements of governments around the world. As a result, you will receive a comprehensive list of the global visas that you are eligible to apply for in a range of immigration-friendly countries.


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