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The days of complicated immigration are over with Aliro. Know which programs across immigration-friendly you are eligible to apply to with good chances to succeed.

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Apply for your visa with government-certified Immigration Lawyers & Consultants. Plus, they all match Aliro's Service Reliability Standardsto provide optimal support & transparency in your immigration journey.

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Your chosen Immigration Consultant or Lawyer will constantly support and guide you through calls, chat, and email. Aliro will also provide extra support before your Visa application and through your Immigration process.

Immigration lawyers - Most reliable are waiting for you at Aliro Immigrations

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Complete your Global Assessment and discover which immigrationg pathways will fit you the best.


The Global Assessment is a free questionnaire we built to give you an accurate estimation of your success chances over immigration pathways across immigration-friendly countries (currently Canada & Australia, more coming soon).

Results are immediate after completing the Global Assessment.

Yes. Our Global Assessment is completely free and you get answers immediately.

Aliro’s Assessment is the only one that gives you all the immigration pathways in all the immigration-friendly countries. It’ll save you tons of time & effort exploring finding your best way to immigrate.

You can change each step while doing the Assessment and also after finishing it.
Results change immediately when you make changes in the Assessment.

The Assessment takes about 7 minutes to complete, assuming you have all the required documents ready.


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