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Open Price Discussion

With Aliro, you can discuss the price of your visa agreement to suit your budget.

Send a counter-offer to reach a contract price that works for you.


With Aliro you can pay per milestone; be charged only once you agree to start the next milestone in your visa process. Each milestone will be outlined in your contract!

Simple Contract

Visa contracts in Aliro are written in simple language, highlighting each goal that must be achieved within each milestone.

Free Consultation

Consult with up to 2 of your chosen immigration professionals for free!

Suited Prices For All Visas


Suited Visa Price

The Pay Per Milestone Policy will be outlined in your contract. You will only pay at the beginning of each new milestone.

You can send a counter-offer to your Immigration Professional. After sending your third and final counter-offer, your Immigration Professional will be asked to agree or disagree with the final visa contract and price offer. 

If they disagree, the contract will expire.

At any point in the process, if you have not yet signed a contract, you will be free to negotiate with other Immigration Professionals of your choice.

You will need to give an initial down payment upon signing your contact. After that, you will only be charged when both parties agree to start the next milestone (which will be outlined in your contract).