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Aliro provides you with the visa pathways best suited to you, based on your Global Assessment answers.

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Academic Consulting Program

Study visas are one of the most popular ways to immigrate.
Almost all you’ll need to be eligible for a student visa is an acceptance letter from an academic institution!

Language Courses

Pass your English and / or French language exams to get qualified for your visa!
Our high-quality Language Course will improve your English proficiency and give you the language skills you need to be eligible for a visa.

Free Consultation

Claim up to 2 free 15 minute consultations with the immigration professionals of your choice.

Global Visa Pathways

Discover your best visa pathways for you and how to get them.

The Free Global Assessment is an online tool that we have created to help you discover which visas you are eligible for in a variety of immigration-friendly countries. The Global Assessment is in the form of a questionnaire with 8 sections: 

  • General Info
  • Purpose
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Language Proficiency
  • Job Offer
  • Relatives Abroad 
  • Investments Abroad

It is important to answer all questions with as much accuracy and honesty as possible to give you the most accurate visa options for your personal profile.

You will receive your results immediately after completing the Global Assessment.

Your results will give you a list of all of the visas that you are eligible for in a variety of immigration-friendly countries (currently Australia and Canada). Included in your results will also be a selection of Aliro’s Immigration Professionals that are best suited to your personal profile and specific visa options

If your Global Assessment data reveals that you are not yet eligible for any visa type, your results will show that you are eligible to enroll onto our Academic Consulting Program and/or Language Course. These will both increase your visa eligibility by filling in the necessary requirements for your visa application (Acceptance Letter or English language proficiency) that you may be lacking.

Yes. Our Global Assessment is completely free.

Aliro’s Assessment is the only one that gives you all the immigration pathways in all the immigration-friendly countries.
It’ll save you tons of time & effort exploring finding your best way to immigrate.

The Assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete, assuming you have all the required documents ready.


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