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    A 10 minutes questionnaire to reveal all immigration patways you are eligible for in Australia & Canada*


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    With our modern approach to Visa, there’s never been a more comfortable way to Immigrate. Join Aliro to make your immigration clear and easy.

    The days of intimidating & confusing Visa Processes are finally over!

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    Visa process with Aliro – Common Questions


    Aliro is a platform for a simple and transparent global immigration process. 

    We start by revealing your best global immigration pathways (currently only Canada & Australia) through the Global Assessment.

    After choosing your Immigration pathways in your preferred countries, you can access our marketplace and select your favorite Consultant or Lawyer to get a free consultation call.

    All the Immigration lawyers & consultants in Aliro’s marketplace are fully committed to working within Aliro’s Service Reliability Standards.

    Get a free 15 minutes consultation with your chosen Immigration Lawyer or Consultant from our marketplace. 

    You have to complete the Global Assessment first. You’ll also know your best immigration pathways in Canada & Australia (more countries coming soon).

    The Global Assessment is a free questionnaire we built to give you an accurate estimation of your success chances over immigration pathways across immigration-friendly countries (currently Canada & Australia, more coming soon).

    Results are immediate after completing the Global Assessment.

    You can access our growing marketplace anytime and choose your favorite Immigration Lawyer or Consultant to apply you for the Visa. They all match Aliro’s Service Reliability Standards.

    Get 15 minutes consultation for free with your chosen Immigration Lawyer or Consultant by completing the Global Assessment. You’ll also know your best immigration pathways in Canada & Australia (more countries coming soon).

    Aliro is a platform that reveals to the immigrant his personally best immigration pathways (currently only Canada & Australia) through an assessment questionnaire. Then, it connects the immigrant to reliable and transparent Immigration lawyers & consultants.

    In Aliro, the immigrant’s choice and transparency are top priorities. You’ll know your global Immigration pathways and success chances in each, and pick your favorite pathway/s. Then you’ll be able to choose your favorite Immigration Consultant or Lawyer to consult with (Free), and finally, to apply for your Visa.

    Aliro is a marketplace where you can pick your Immigration Lawyers & Consultants of choice.
    You can sort them according to price and then negotiate the price offered to you for the Visa Application representation deal.

    Your chosen Immigration Lawyer or Consultant.

    We are not dealing with your visa application but connecting you to firms or individual Immigration Lawyers & Consultants, ensuring they stand on our Service Reliability Standards and that the process is transparent.


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